September Newsletter

Hey everyone

Welcome to the first official Monthly newsletter for Tiny Studio. 

Thanks so much for signing up and checking us out. I'm super excited about the things I’m going to create and share with you over the next couple of weeks. I’ve always dreamed of starting a company dedicated to ideas and design with the freedom to go in any direction I choose. I'm so happy that you’ve joined me on this journey. 

When I first decided to go ahead with Tiny Studio I had a romantic version of what it was going to be like. Now that I’ve got stuck in, I've realised it's a lot of planning. Planning to plan and planning some more. I suppose anything you start from scratch is going to take a little time. 

Right let’s get straight into it. 

Weekly Posts:
(New articles posted for the week)

I initially posted the first two articles on my personal site but decided that a lot of what I'm writing about relates to my philosophy around business and being a founder, so posting to Tiny Studio makes sense. So from now onwards all my writing will be under one roof.

The week that was:
(A round up of what happened at Tiny Studio HQ over the last week)

  • Updated the Tiny Studio website with new logo and created the journal/blog section, which includes this newsletter. Stoked.

  • I finally got my act together and pulled the trigger on this newsletter and I'm getting stuck into planning each newsletter out for the next couple of months.

  • I ‘m nearly finished deciding on the first couple of products I'm going to release. I really want to get these out the door ASAP. Once I make a decision I normally get really impatient. But, I really want them to be good, so going to make sure it's right, even if it takes a little more time.

  • Added the Instagram account so I can start sharing some cool content. Super excited about. Please go follow if you haven’t yet.

The week to come:
(Goals and focus for the week)

  • Work on the prototypes of the first products. Time to get into the details. This is provided I have a final decision on what I'm going to get done first.

  • Make landing pages for all the web/mobile apps I have in the works that will be released next year. (at some point) So many ideas, so little time. I'm working on physical products first but the apps will come, I promise.

  • It is my birthday next week, so I might also just take some time off to enjoy it and have some fun. Why not.

Weekly Inspiration:

(People, products, companies, sites, apps, that inspire me)


Our first weekly inspiration spot has to go to apparel and design shop Ugmonk. (also run by one man Jeff Sheldon)

It's their 11th birthday this month (Sept 2019) and they’ve been a constant inspiration over the years for me. I still have one of their original “Mountains” tee that I love. Recently they did a major brand update and the site and their products are looking even more beautiful than ever. Go check them out. It's also their big annual birthday sale with new once-off exclusive products which are always awesome. I can only hope I get to 11 years.

So that’s it from me this week.

Please share and let others know about Tiny Studio, it helps more than you know.



ps. Feel free to reply to these emails. They’ll end up directly in my inbox and I would love to hear from you.