Tiny Studio - October Newsletter


Welcome to the October newsletter for Tiny Studio. It's a been a crazy month but I'm slowing moving forward and I hope to have some stuff for you to actually buy very soon.

Let’s get straight into it. 

Monthly Posts:

Last Month:

  • Created the workshop section on the site which shows what I'm working on and what will be released next. It's still a work in progress but will be updated as I go. Soon you'll even be able to pre-purchase certain products before they launch and get a 20% discount. Just for products initially but I'll add apps and other things soon. 🙌

  • I finally have the specs for my first product completed and created prototypes for each one. I'm super happy with how they came out. You can check them out over at the workshop section on the website. 😉

  • I started messing around with some leather and pretty happy with the results so far. Hopefully you will see more about this soon.

This Month:

  • Now that I'm ready to get the first products made, finding a supplier is proving more difficult than I expected. The wood needs to be cut using a CNC machine and I'm not getting any response from the two companies who I really thought would be perfect for this. This could be a longer process than I thought. Wish me luck. 🤞

  • In the mean time I'm going to try get a few smaller products up and ready to ship. Not ideal but this is how these things go.

Design Inspiration:

Apps - Maybe because the name is so awesome, but TinyMail looks like an app that I would make. (well I'd like to think so)
Simple and beautiful.

Screenshot 2019-10-03 14.28.12.png

Architecture - This house is just amazing. It's beautiful how the right amount of brick, wood, metal and light can give a house the right feel.

Screenshot 2019-10-03 14.31.52.png

Products - Brightland olive oil is changing the game when it comes to packaging. No more brown horrible bottles. I wish they were in South Africa.

Screenshot 2019-09-11 21.11.48.png

Company - Grovemade is such and inspiration to me. Their designs are amazing and it seems like they are a genuinely great company all round.

Screenshot 2019-10-03 14.21.53.png

So that’s it from me this month. I hope you enjoyed.

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